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Trusting People

The Trust Equation

This is the undisputable equation: Trust = Time & Experience.

We should not have trust from the start of any relationship. Trust is earned and built in a relationship between people.

In a romantic relationship, there needs to be time IN in order to establish trust, and within the time should be experiences that reflect safety and security. For example, someone does what they say they are going to do, shows up or communicates plans/ time changes, attends to you in a respectful way and you do things together and have positive experiences together such as activities, outings, joint projects.

We can experience anxiety and doubt and it can be hard to wait and to navigate the early stages of a relationship. Especially because we want the person to like us/ choose us and we desire committment and the next level of the relationship.

But we must wait it out to get to the place of Trust!

A healthy relationship SHOULD take time. We can't insta-trust too early because we end up over-sharing, over extending and creating expectations that should NOT be there yet and we end up getting hurt.

Keep it realistic. Let go of people who don't build trust or who aren't willing to work toward it or who attempt to force trust i.e. unprotected sex, saying I love you etc. or want things i.e. excessive time, money, favors, before the trust is there. Don't show all of your "Cards" until trust is established.

Quality relationships, even if they don't last, have the trust factor. Lasting relationships that are healthy, high quality and fulfilling have trust as a foundation and allow you to grow to your full potential in all aspects and you feel safe to grow as your authentic self.

Think about it!