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Building in Breaks

Allowing for down time?

Why do we consider rests or breaks a negative thing? The only way to train for a marathon includes "rest days" at least once a week. We take breaks during weight lifting to build strength in between sets. If you were to run the entire marathon at full speed, you would not make it. If you apply this mentality to how you study, how you work, how you live in general, in your relationships.... you create more meaningful and effective time in those experiences.

Remember how you feel when the rest stop is coming up on your road trip!? We get gas in our tanks, use the restroom, get some grub. Relief in sight!

Many people report feeling guilty taking a break in real life. However, the brain needs an "out". It needs to know reprieve is coming. I challenge you to think about how this can work for you. In your relationships, make time for physical touch, make time to stop your studying, make time to put your phone down. Using structure can help. For example, get one hour a day of non-phone time where you disconnect from your phone entirely. Do this any way you would like. Find 3 hours a week where you focus on your significant other and do not stress or feel guilty in those moments about what you are not doing at work or school. Take a pajama day. Build in a day off from work every other month for a three day weekend (I would prefer more, but if I need to start somewhere!).

Spending down time and relaxing creates mental buffers so that you can continue to keep going! We need the rest stops, believe me. Not inserting them manifests itself physically. We have aches, pains and then high blood pressure and cholesterol after a prolonged state of chronic stress (adrenal fatigue).

Let me know how you are creating rest stops today.

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