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    Serving Hampton Roads Virginia: Norfolk, Va. Beach, Chesapeake, Portsmouth, Hampton


    Reaching the top is half of the journey.

    Let Summit Counseling Services support your route.


    *We are doing virtual and some providers are in person

    Immediate availability currently!!!

    Existing clients can schedule through portal/ new clients please text 757-280-1042

  • Discover your obstacles, define your new limits.

    We aim to meet you in your place of need. We help individuals, adults and children, looking for growth and change.

    We offer:

    art therapy, verbal counseling, play therapy,

    online /virtual counseling

    Mood symptoms and disorders: Depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, panic.

    Relationships: Infidelity, divorce, strengthening, heart break, co-dependence, communication, separation, women's issues.

    General: Women's issues, transitional life changes, adjustment, work stressors, family life management, communication, LGBT needs, managing medical conditions, stress, grief/ loss, aging, change, trauma/PTSD, substance abuse

    Children: Mood changes, acting out in school, distractibility, attachment, abuse, shyness, anger, low frustration tolerance, tantrums, divorce, sibling rivalry.

    Family: dynamics, changes, deaths, moving, divorce, single session consultations, in-home options.

    (*We do not provide treatment for: eating disorder treatment, autism spectrum or immediate crisis appointments for new clients)



  • The Summit Counseling Services Team

    Licensed and Residents in Counseling available

    Laura S. Maloney, ATR-BC, LPC, LMFT, BC-TMH

    Clinician IV

    EVMS graduate, art therapist.

    20 years of counseling experience.


    Treatment offered:

    art therapy, verbal counseling, online therapy, reiki.

    Specializes in Women's issues



    Stephanie Gagnon, LCSW


    Clinician IV

    Skilled in short term, solution-focused psychotherapy.

    Over 25 years of experience.


    Treatment Offered:

    verbal counseling: couples, individuals & families.



    Eleanor Lampell, ATR-BC, LPC

    Clinician III


    EVMS graduate, art therapist, equine therapist.


    Treatment Offered:

    art therapy and verbal counseling

    play therapy, all ages.








    Melissa Avant, ATR, LPC, CSAC


    Clinician II

    EVMS graduate, art therapist, certified substance abuse counselor.
    Treatment Offered:
    art therapy, substance abuse, verbal counseling.
    Adult therapy focus.

    Stacey O'Toole, LCSW

    Clinician II

    Experience in community services board setting. Adults, teens.







    Christian Bell

    Administrative Assistant







    Jaimee Foster,

    LPC-R, ATR

    Resident in Counseling

    Clinician I

    EVMS graduate, art therapist.







  • New Patients/INTAKE FORMS

    We cannot accept same day crisis clients at this time, please contact VBPC for an eval (757 446-LIFE)

    We're virtual!

    Sessions are Conducted using Telehealth in our Portal.

    Immediate availability

    1. Complete an intake form

    2. Text (757) 280-1042 with your name/email/ dob

    3. Register for Patient Portal when you get Therapy Notes Email

    4. We will reach out to schedule you


    **Form submission is HIPPA compliant and documents are routed directly to our secure email**


    Response from our Admin can take 1-3 days to start set up process.

    *We are currently short on admin staff, thank you for your patience.

    We will verify insurance and determine if this is a good practice for your needs and be in touch!

    Adult Intake Form- https://pdf.ac/JuOdL

    Child/Teen Intake Form- https://pdf.ac/ATjQ5

    Please email any questions related to becoming a new client to information@summitcounselingservicesnorfolk.com
    Incomplete forms may result in session cancellation
  • Insurance

    Cash, Credit Cards accepted for self-pay and insurance-based clients.

    *checks can be accepted but must be mailed to billing address

    We require a credit card on file to participate in services per payment policy


    Summit Counseling accepts insurance plans and self-pay clients.

    Self-pay clients (not using insurance)

    • Self-pay is an option to see any provider.
    • Residents-in-Counseling have reduced rates and accept self-pay. They also accept Medicaid AND Cigna.
    • Licensed providers accept most insurance plans.
    • Reiki is a self-pay service. ** June 2022- Only happening via distance

    Insurance Paying Clients:

    Your insurance will be verified pre-visit.

    We are not responsible for managing your plan or accurately quoting your plan. You are responsible for making sure you have the benefits for telehealth and if you have a deductible plan.


    Credit cards are required to be on file for copays, and co-insurances and contracted rates for deductible plans. Cards are charged automatically for these fees as well as missed appointment fees.


    Clients are responsible for following up with their insurance companies if they disagree with the rate determined as their amount due for claims to be reprocessed. Until then, clients are responsible for the rate indicated as client responsibility by the insurance plan. Clients will be reimbursed when insurance company issues payment to us.


    *Most insurances cover tele-mental health (phone/online) but you must confirm with your plan and coordinate with your plan / payer for claims they don't cover related to this.


    Accepted Insurance

    Optima, Cigna, Aetna , Anthem, Optum / United Behavioral Health, Magellan, GEHA, UMR

    Medicaid for all plans listed

    *Tricare- we are pending going certified NON-Network

    Active military duty members are required to get their own authorization/ referral, PRIOR to scheduling with us, please call your referring agency to obtain this prior to starting the scheduling process.

    *TriCare4Life- We do NOT accept this subgroup despite being listed.

    Updates: We are planning to leave EAP networks. Until further notice, we are in all EAP networks except for Anthem but will be leaving and your rates and insurance will need to switch to your insurance.

    Residents accept Cigna and Medicaid plans ONLY


    Sliding Scale Rates

    Residents in Counseling can negotiate sliding scale rates

    Clinicians can do so at discretion and upon meeting criteria.


  • Contact Us

    Office hours are limited to 2 days a week for ADMIN staff. Please allow 3 business days for responses.
    Information email: information@summitcounselingservicesnorfolk.com

    Fax: (757) 585 -3521 Text: 757-280-1042 (appts/ cancellations/ questions)

    Call: (757) 280-1777 OR Text (757) 280-1042

    Eleanor: Eleanor@summitcounselingservicesnorfolk.com or text/call (757) 280-1042 leave messg

    Call or Text your counselors to schedule/ cancel
    Laura: Client line (757) 347-2492
    Melissa Client line: (757) 204-1865
    Stephanie Client line: (757) 204-4140
    Stacey Client line: (757) 204-1459

    Laura/ADMIN /Front Desk - use 757 280 -1042 or 757 280-1777


    For Scheduling/ New Clients: Please leave a message with patient's name, DOB, a callback number, and email and insurance member ID

    Location Map Below:

    Office MAP

    821 West21st St Ste 209
    Norfolk, Va 23517
    per appointment
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